Start your week with a dose of reality

Lets face it: Skateboarding is fucked. Fucked, not the the sense of eternal damnation,  but more along the lines ridiculously high standards we've set for ourselves. Skateboarding has always been about progression, so make no mistake, this is a good thing. We're in a golden age of sorts in terms of the style that skateboarders have developed over the past decades. The emphasis, for many, is on simplicity and power. I like to see crazy new ledge variations as much as the next guy, but there's something timeless about a powerful kickflip or even an ollie at full speed. That being said, my full speed is easily someone else's sunday stroll. So, lets keep in mind what's important here... go skate for the fun of it. Don't judge your own successes based on comparison to others because it will forever leave you unsatisfied. The way I see it, if you can keep pushing yourself to your limit, you're doing it right, and you'll never lose sight of why you started skateboarding. Nothing beats that feeling. 


Nothing like an early morning mission in the streets, the big streets in this case. Tony Potenti - Kickflip over the hip



"Blatant Images", the name of this blog, is a play on the term "latent image", which is the invisible image that exists on a shot but undeveloped roll of film. 

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