A Brand New Way To Waste Your Time (and feel good doing it!)

Pardon my overly blunt marketing ploy to grab your attention, but in the age of microwave-ready "meals" and six minute abs, our collective attention spans our waning. Here at Skidmark, we know that you take time out of your busy schedule to sift through the once-unsticky pages of our latest issues wile going number 1, 2, or 3. (#mindtheoxfordcomma) While we can only fully endorse reading while planted firmly amidst a proud #2, we cannot control our audience any more than Steve Irwin could control all the world's gators. And after all, the people must have something good to read on a Sunday


My name is Dan Muchnik. I'm a skateboarder and photographer originally from Boston, now living in the East Bay. You'll be seeing some new content on the Skidmark blog written by yours truly, so when you come back here and proclaim that your time has been wasted, you can direct at least some of your creative insults in my direction. (37.6689° N, 122.0808° W, for those of you navigationally inclined) But after all, isn't the internet just one big time-waster anyways? No? It's the information super-highway, you say? Well, not if the FCC has anything to say about it, but that another topic for you to research on your own. For now, I'll just leave these here, along with my promise to show my virtual ugly mug around these parts again. 


Jose Cuevas - 5-0

Tony Potenti - Switch Bigspin

Jason Ross - 180


Oh yeah, and if you haven't picked up issue 5.25 yet, get on your game! For those of you who have seen it, Here's the original black and white image of D'ontae's portrait, along with the hand-colored version in the mag. Enjoy. 

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