Jesse Vieira & Bryan Whalen

Words and Sequences by Mark Steinlein from Skidmark Magazine #5.125


Jesse Vieira

Jesse Vieira was once know as #stocktonB, but since his interview in Skidmark he has managed to get out of Stockton and into Sacramento, which now makes his new title #CapitolB. This means you will see him killing more Sacto spots now like this one here. I picked up Jesse one day to go skate and he had one simple request, which was to take him to a ledge spot that he could do a kick flip tail slide kick flip out on. That being said, I hit up the hoie Alex to take us to a buttery ledge for Jesse to get down on. It didn't take him too long to pull this off and call it a night shortly after rolling away.



 Bryan Whalen


Big Red is always in Skidmark Magazine but how could we not have this awesome ginger in almost every issue? Bryan has been on a killing spree the past few months since he moved up to Sac and is showing no signs of mercy. We took a trip down south and decided to swing by the Guy Mariano rail to see what Bryan could do down it. I will have to say I have never seen someone do a switch bennett grind when Bryan rolled away, I knew I may not see one that clean and dipped for a while. I am still waiting, and that is okay because this one is a true beauty.

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