Tommy Fynn and Chase Webb

Tommy Fynn - Nollie Nose Grind - Sequence by Mark Steinlein

Tommy made his way over to California from the land down under, and some how out of all places to skate we took him to Sonora to skate this rail. It was about 4 hours total of driving and we were only at the spot for about 30 minutes. It was worth all the driving and lack of sleep. Tommy managed to nollie nose grind it three times in a row, making it look easy as pie every time. After he got back into their car and headed straight to LA at 1:30 AM to skate there for the rest of his trip. Tommy is the type of person who is always on a true skate mission.


Chase Webb - Kick Flip 5050 - Sequence by Mark Steinlein

All we can say is this kid is good. You can take Chase to almost any rail and he will skate the shit out of it and doesn't waste anytime on going for the land. This kick flip 5050 down the San Juan  12 was third try! I was stumped, hyped, bewildered and stoked all at once. He recently had a run in with a rail which put his nuts in the hospital. Ww all know you have to pay to play in the world of skateboarding. Most hate the horror stories about someone's balls getting zorched by a rail or their board, but I won't go into anymore detail. Fortunately for him and his nuts, they were released in the same day and are back out skating again

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