Letters to Birdo #3

What advice would you give to someone looking to work in the skateboard industry today?

Daniel Muchnik

Hayward, California


If you are going to start your own thing, I would definitely say don't do it for the money! Do it for a hobby and if it catches a gear and takes up all your time and you can make a living off it, great! Also, in the beginning, try to keep your fixed overhead as low as possible. Start it out of your garage or spare room so that if you aren't selling a lot, you don't dig a financial hole because of dumb shit like rent. If you are looking to get a job somewhere within the skateboard industry, my advice would be to look somewhere you are already stoked on. If you can't work at your favorite company, try to make sure you are going to have some freedom to grow in the company. Because as a skateboarder, working at a skateboard company, you are going to have ideas, and you are going to want to see those ideas come to life. Thats what it is all about! Thats what will make it a awesome job is that you will get to see your ideas and things you are passionate about come to life! For example, say if they will give you the opportunity to put together a section or two. They might not be into your idea, but you want to at least have the chance. It would suck if you were into video and getting creative angles and editing and they just took your footage and did it their way. I would almost rather have some other lame job I didn't care about than that. And pray your boss skates, cuz there is nothing more frustrating than some dude who says "WOW! What you guys do on those boards is So Extreme!!" telling you how you should do shit. I remember having to train some dude who didn't skate to be my boss once, it sucked. There is nothing more deflating than having someone who doesn't skate call the shots. Hope this advice helps. And I hope you do start a company! or help an existing one. 



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