Simon Woodstock's Tribute to Lonnie Toft

Two legendary names, two different eras, two people known for their innovation and creativity in skateboarding. Lonnie Toft and Simon Woodstock. 

Lonnie Toft was a ripping pro skater back in the 70s and 80s who rocked the skateboarding circuit at that time with his 'Outrageous 8 Wheeler' custom and factory models by Sims Skateboards. As a result, he subsequently became one of the most noted and heralded skaters of that era. When I finally got back into skating a couple of years ago, I began to scan the catacombs of skateboard history in search of creative motivation and it was the impact that Toft and his funky designs made on the scene that inspired me the most.


What ensued from there was my own developmental approach to this specific genre of multi-wheeled skateboards; assembling them and riding them while adding my own numerical denominations and other enhancements. The end result was this uber-fun video collaboration with my hard working bros at Skidmark Skatemag. It documents both a historical tribute to Lonnie Toft and his designs, as well as my own personal 'Outrageous' adventure in atypical skateboarding fun and enjoyment. Simon Woodstock

This is Simon's tribute video to Lonnie and his multi wheeled boards that lonnie was riding back in the late 70's/early 80's. Simon put his own little twist on Lonnie's original design of the outrageous 8 wheeler, and stepped it up to his very own sweet 16 wheeler. Simon has taken skating these boards to a whole new level.


Still photos courtesy of, Bryce Kanights, and Josh Becker

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