File Cabinet: Valco Fight

Valco Mall used to have a pretty sick rail to skate. However the security guard didn't think so.

I have no Idea how to spell this dudes name. Rohtimi is a guess. He shreds hard though. 50-50.

Tyler MaGuffe. front board.

I love how the guy in his car is watching out the window.

When the fight went down I only had four frames left on the roll of film i was shooting.

I forget what order these pictures go in but I remember the order of what happened. We were told to leave. We said fuck you. Tyler tried again and bailed. The security guard grabbed his board and a scuffle to retrieve the board ensued. Security guard choked Tyler who was 17 at the time. Rohtimi got the board back and handed it off to Tyler(check the first fight picture). Rohtimi wrestles the security guard forcing him to tap out from the pain of a diamond cutter (Actually it wasn't a diamond cutter he was just pushing the security guards face towards the ground yelling "You give up?"). We quickly departed but not with out further incident involving a good samaritan asshole.
      We were running back to our car after we got the board back when out of nowhere this fucking random dude tackles the shit out of Travis and pins him down on the grass. We all gather in a circle around the two on the ground, the security guards, and our crew of skaters to try and figure out what the fuck just happened.

"What the fuck are you doing?" we say to good samaritan.

 "I saw the security guards chasing him!" he says.

"Why the fuck are you still on top of him?"

      Meanwhile the security guards are on their radios to the sheriff, and Travis is still squirming around underneath this stranger yelling cuss words, while the rest of us try and decide if we should just truck the guy in the dome and bounce, but the guy is saying he wont let Travis up until the cops show up.

      There was a lot of factors preventing us from assaulting the guy. Two eye-witnesses in the form of pissed off security guards, one of which was just severely punked out, was the main reason. The security guard was in the wrong for engaging us the manor that he did, and all we did was get our board back and attempt to leave.

     Calmly this dude Chris who was skating with us that day says to the guy "Just let him up, we're not going anywhere." Earlier Chris had been talking about how he wears the same T-shirt every Sunday. It was a faded brown rag that said "turkey time" or some shit with a large cartoon bird on it.

     Maybe it was the fact that I kept claiming that Travis was only seventeen. Or perhaps the "turkey time" shirt made the assailant realize what time it in fact was, but in an instant Travis was back on his feet waving his middle finger and spitting as he yelled threats at everyone. We pushed him towards our cars and got the fuck out of there. we saw red and blue lights speeding towards the mall a little ways down the road but we were already gone.

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