I found a strip of negatives from the very last session at the Vans Park in Milpitas. All the skaters had a last chance mentality. Luckily there was an ambulance waiting out front. R.I.P.

I dint shoot many photos because i wanted skate as much as I could for the last sesh. I found one strip of negatives. This last day was the first time frontside grinded the deep end of the pool there. It turned out to be pretty easy and I was pissed for being such a vagina about doing it. 

There was a pretty small turnout for the last day. All the old guys were there though. They know what time it is.

This kid actually broke his wrist on this slam. He was laying the bowl hurt and three of the old guys jumped down into the bowl, picked him up, lifted him out onto the deck, and kept skating. It was hilariously epic. While the EMTs, who were outside, loaded the kid up on a stretcher everyone kept skating and some other guy broke his fucking arm too. In the same bowl. So killer.

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