We moved which meant we had to tear down the ramp. Its sad but we knew the day would come. The straight part of the ramp was donated to a church where its set up inside. Ask Noggin about it if your see him.

It all started here. We had the guy at Home Depot cut our 2x4s to four feet for us because we didn't have a saw yet.
It took a lot of cutting and recutting to fit all those ribs in the frame.

KC sliced his arm with this saw, and then squirted blood all over the ramp and the kitchen and then my car on the way to the hospital. He ran to the kitchen and held his arm over the sink, and tried to say it was "cool dude." I told him get in the fucking car and we went to the hospital, but not before i wasted time by driving to what i thought was a new hospital built where the old emporium used to be. Turned out to be just a doctors office. KC was getting light headed as the passenger side floor filled with blood. He severed a tendon and had surgery to fix it. It cost him thousands of dollars. He bought me new floor mats too for $35.

The saw that got him 
cold ones

Brett. layback

KC rides the first layer of plywood up in the over vert area

Twid grinds a legit one

Stoke of the Day!
nice wife beater
Steve Strand. Nose pick.
View from the kitchen. Strand did back-d's on our ramp like nobody else could. 
KC rafter grab

Gabby in the mix
Brett tosses a salad

KC nose grab
Travis front tail
Back tail

Photo: Demetri Mouratis

KC rafter grab. Photo: Demetri Mouratis

KC does a frontside pivot. photo: Demetri Mouratis
Kc does a full rock over to fakie
photo: Demetri Mouratis

My friends cousin was in town form Hawaii. He showed up and did a sweet blunt fakie. The picture does it no justice because he did it pretty fat. nice work Stephen.

Travis. 5.0

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