A pool in MV!

For the last two summers we had a pool to skate at an abandoned apartment complex. IT was shitty and square with an un-skate-able shallow end and no carve-able corners. But what the pool lacked in skate-ability it made up for with complete availability. There was no way we were gonna get busted, and it was right in our hood. We showed up with beers and BBQs. We stood around in the bottom talking about tricks and ideas. We invited people who hated it and never came back. It was our pool, and it got bulldozed the other day. Here's the photos.

KC and Demetri dropped the pump in to drain the pool for this summer. Nice work dudes. photo: D. Mourati

POOL CLOSED! photo: D. Mourati

Brett hits one of the side walls.
Brett does some carves over the light

KC gets a wheel over

The place was so chill we brought our girlfriends.

Tyler MacGuffe
Demetri brought supplies

The first summer we skated the pool we had set a goal. One of us was going to do a trick on the coping before the rain came. Here it is. KC rode up fakie and did a tail stall. It was so killer. This is a photo of the first one he ever pulled. Hes got it on lock now.
photo: D. Mourati

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