San Jose Street Session

Steve Nose Bonk

"Hey, we want to be in your skate video."

The evening started out with a phone call to Jesse:

Demetri: Yo, Jesse, what's up, I'm in San Jose and I'm getting ready to go shot some street and wanted to see if you were down to skate or shoot?
Jesse: I'd love to have a street session in San Jose but I'm in New Jersey.

The Colombians got the spot warmed up.

Carlos Noseslide:

Carlos Warming up the Spot

Juan jumped this huge ollie off the top:

Juan Huge Ollie

Steve "Westside" Hereford showed up, straight from 6TwentyOne, and destroyed the spot.

Front Feeble

Front Feeble

Then this guy showed up and so did the cops.

Sam Rocking a Huge Chain in Front of the Cops

Nose Grind

Cops Lurkin

Steve Nosegrind

Spot 1 Shut Down!

On to Spot 2

"Hey, we want to be in your skate video."
Steve Nose Bonk

Carlos continues the noseslide tradition.

Carolos Noseslide

Steve shuts it down with another Nosegrind and Lipslide.

Steve F/S Nosegrind

Steve Front Board


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