FILE CABINET: Theron's Pool

I got a message form Rehon early one afternoon. "You recognize that sound..."
... Rehon is famous for leaving strange and annoying messages on answering machines, but I did recognize the sound. 

"Thats the sound of an empty pool mother fucker, hit me up"

There is only one way to reach Rehon. I made the phone call and, after a five minute reply from his grandma, I determined that Rehon was at Theron's house. I didn't have Theron's number so I decided that I was ditching the shit out of school and rolling by to see what the deal was.

I found this. Theron's pool was having some sort of work done and he was letting us have a go at it for a day.
Rehole was ready to go and had on his stolen rental helmet from Vans Skatepark.

Then he carved the shit front side all day.

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