Sunnyvale Park then Street

Matt hit me up on Facebook saying he was coming down the Peninsula Sunday afternoon and wondered if we could fit in a session.  Of course.  I've shot Matt three times in the past and his skating has been consistent and raw.  Check out some past sessions after peeping these from yesterday.

Here's Matt getting started at Sunnyvale Park.

50-50 Up the Hubba

50-50 Up Hubba

We went over to the vert wall next.

Launch off Vert Wall

There is a really nice flyout spot out of the big bowl at Sunnyvale. Here's one from Matt.

Sunnyvale Flyout

A few buddies at the park directed us to a street spot featured in Bag of Suck. Caswell Berry hit a nice ollie over the rail 180 into the bank. The spot has since been "modified" adding another steel pole which makes the spot even tougher. Fitting, then, that Matt was riding a Caswell board.

Matt, on the Wallride.

Matt Wallride

It was hot that day. We spent out time slinging brews in the shade. Matt is ready for the next spot.

Chillin in the Shade

This spot is a construction site somewhere in Sunnyvale. We followed another car on the way in so I'm not too sure about how to get there. I do know that the spot was gnarly. It was a 9 stair down to a gravel lot. Matt nailed it.

Ollie Over 9 Stair Rail

For more of Matt's skating, check out these previous sessions:




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