FILE CABINET: steve and miles

heres a compilation of photos i found recently from Steve and Miles. two dudes that shred just for the fuck of it.

Steve wallies an a frame at the old sunnyvale underground. R.I.P.
Miles wallied it too.
Steve does his signature move a backside over crook stall. its like a back nose blunt except he gets his truck on like a krooks, then he pops it in crazy style.
Backside bonless. Miles can bust them out.
he does em super fat where he jumps way back on the deck and gets super low, then jumps all the way back in and commits every try.
Steve can blast fat ollies over the spine at rengstorff
Miles board slides at Stanford. most people hit the straight rail. miles hits the kinker.
If i could hand plant like this i would do at least one every time i skated. Miles handles one with speed and control.

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