Pulling up to a dead end littered with urban neglect, out my window I could hear the caged sound of wheels chirping and trucks barking...
..Leaving in the car all but the bare necessities(skateboard, camera), we limboed through the hole in the fence and into the cement jungle.

After passing several piles of bum shit i knew i was going in the right direction. The quarry I found there were peeps i recognized from skating around the bay.
I aimed my lens at the head of the herd, Jake Palu, as he tried a really gnarly pillar bash over some rebar and shot. A glancing blow. No direct hit. He didn't land it and that makes me feel less bad for doing such a shitty job on the photo. Bad poaching.
Brett did a savage front side grind where he almost blindly plowed some little twerps that were enjoying being in our way.
travis did a frontside air from high to low.
sinister tailgater
Miles wallied a jersey barrier for fun.
i tried to shoot the photo through my car window or some shit and totally blew the shot. This try was a make even though his front foot is off.

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