research on printing skateboard decks

i want to make red curbs decks. id like to screen print them to save money. here is some research that i did and the links that i found.

here is link to a forum that has lots of articles and postings by people who actually do hands on printing. there are photos that give inspiration and isight, as well as postings that are full conversations between experienced printers.

here is a good article by a dude that skates and learned to screen print decks for himself. its long and detailed and addresses most of the questions that occur. he goes from the beginning of making a screen to coating and exposing the screen to inking the board. he has some pictures of his process.

making the screen is one of the issues for printing on skateboards. this is an article about making a curved screen just for printing on skateboards. im not sure how effective of useful the curved screen is and since i have found evidence of not needing a curved screen it seems like a hassle. but here is the link if you are interested.
this link shows examples of vector artwork plus at the bottom has several links to useful sites about printing skateboards or having board printed for you.
for the people who gave up on screen printing after researching, this site lets you make a store and sell your produdcts. you put your logos and graphics on the board or shirt templates on a design page, and if someone orders the product, a one off will be made and shipped to them.

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