MUSIC: The Dialed

        I was checking out some local bands at a less than prestigious location on Friday 14th and was lucky enough to run into The Dialed, a Hardcore Pop/Punk quartet from San Lorenzo Ca. 

The band that consists of.

Scotty Moore, Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Price Vocals
Eric Moore, Bass
Paul Garrett, Drums

The Dialed are in thier 4th year of life and are influenced by major label acts; New Found Glory, A Day to Remember and Blink 182. As well as local Bay Area bands they have shared the stage with: Worthwhile, Varsity Life And Quiet Game Starting Now.

They have just recorded a new single titled: “We had our hands on the future, but blew it all to save our own lives!”

Now if you are a Goonies fan like I am you know the reference. I have to admit the title had me on the way to liking the song with out even listening to it. But you can’t judge a CD from the cover.

After a listen I was very happy that the song lived up to my expectations that stemmed from hearing the title. It’s never fun to tell people, “well great name but…”.

The song was 4 minutes of power, with some different degrees of heavy. Using simple yet effective dynamic changes, the song stayed fresh and left me wanting more. The over all tightness of the group is a highlighted with some complex picking patterns that Scotty Moore, Eric Moore and Paul Garrett nail down.

Daniel Price sounds great and uses more than one singing voice throughout the song.The Melodies and vocals are well crafted yet not complicated. Making “We Had Our Hands…” easy to nod you head and sing along with, while keeping that edge that defines the Pop/Punk/Hardcore style of The Dialed.
       The harmonies sung by guitarist Scotty are impressive, and add thickness to the groups sound. His guitar delivers the perfect tone and technique to make this something more than your average local band playing heavy riff after riff.

       Eric makes the whole thing seem effortless though his bottom end is an important part and is the perfect fit. His bass has a nasty tone that blends with the Scotty’s guitar lines to build a nice heavy structure for Daniel to sing and scream and chant over.

      Paul is constantly churning forward the quartet with power and precision with every subtle mood change they flow through. He has a heavy foot and his hi-hat technique delivered the subtle differecnes in power that made each section of the song fresh. These techniques while not complicated they seem to be missed by a lot of younger bands today so I enjoy seeing them used by The Dialed.

     A second song I liked was ‘Run Your Mouth”. This track is another great example of what The Dialed is all about and I encourage you to check out these songs and more on


      The Dialed will be playing tons of shows in 2011 and I encourage you to catch one if you can. Or you maybe see them at a $20 dollar venue shortly. And if you wait too see them at the warped tour…. three dollar water.

Jay Filichia
Red Curbs Music

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