Photos by Ariel Torres

Ariel "Earl" Torres shreds. He also skates with a lot of talented dudes. Recently he scored himself a nice new camera and began his journey into the world of photography. Peep these photos and follow Ariel on social media or whatever @_thegoldenticket. Also keep an eye peeled for Ariels video part dropping on youtube through the Metro236 channel.

Chris Henderson is pretty well know for being a gnarly ripper but he also does lots of high skill moves. Here he does a switch ollie above coping over a hip.
Zach Braklay pivot to fakie
This double set is pretty big and also a bust. This hard flip by Mitch Yoshikawa must have gone down fairly quick.
Josh "Swordfish" Trevino with a swordfish grab over the hip
This is a tough spot to shoot a photo. Its a head high drop on the landing, and a root bump in the asphalt for the take off. Brandon McCormick sails a fat ollie.

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